Standing on the shoulders of giants

Facebook is progressively filling of quotation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He died today, 17th of April 2014. I don’t know why, I was convinced he was already dead. Probably a form of ignorance related to this time of fast stream of information. Or maybe just ignorance.

I am fascinated by the sentences that people are finding in Garcia Marquez’s books. I just remember a book that I bought ages ago, on the edge of my adolescence. It was called Periodismo militante, something that sounds like Militant Journalism. It is an anthology of Marquez’s writing as a journalist.

It is so surreal to see how fast people find the best quotation to commemorate an artist. It is so surreal to read in the words chosen by others the intensity of the idea of love of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is so surreal to associate this day to this idea of lovers.

banksy couple picture
An image attributed to Banksy

Picture originally published on Banksy Facebook page


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