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coding for dummiesdi Virginia Fiume

(Puoi leggere la versione in italiano di questo articolo su – Il codice proibito: programmare a Vancouver)

In these hours Vancouver is hosting a massive open course, which is live and free. #HTML500 is the name of the event, firstly launched by a local organization, Lighthouse Labs. Its core activity is the management of learning-to-code programs based on 8 weeks bootcamps style courses and an internship in one of the numerous tech companies of the area.

With the right cocktail of promotional instinct and mission approach to include more and more people in the knowledge of the language of the web, Lighthouse Labs and a variety of partners, such as Telus, the local telcom company, and Emily Carr University of Arts and Design, or HootSuite, famous tool for content curators, managed to gather 500 people in the same venue.

In order to inspire more people to learn how to code. It will serve to teach 500 people HTML and CSS in one day, for free, while making a statement to Vancouverites, Canadians and the world that it is easy enough to learn basic coding.

This event will be the largest open access education event in the history of Vancouver and is expected to put a spotlight on the need for stronger coding education. Additionally the event serves to create awareness among non-coders that there are many opportunities in Vancouver’s blossoming tech industry and many developer jobs going unfilled.

Unfortunately, when I applied it was too late and I got stuck in the waiting list. But apparently I will receive a free ebook with the foundations of the one-day-course. There is a subtle paradox going on here: on one hand it is progressively known that coding is a key tool for certain professions, such as journalism, and there is a need of people able to do that; on the other hand certain kind of informal learning environment are under threat.

You didn’t know it? While in Vancouver #HTML500 was going to start, in California the Governmental office which regulates post-secondary education is trying to find ways to shut down organizations that provide learn-to-code bootcamps.

Keep you eyes open coders!

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