Content marketing: definition and ideas

how to choose Neighbourhood traveling airbnb
Airbnb – one of the case studies in the post – has an interesting section focused on neighborhood guides.

I was asked to write a guest post about content marketing. Emma told me: “Do it as you were writing on wikipedia”; her blog – Glocal Real Estate – has a target audience made by real estate professionals and entrepreneurs.

I did not start from a definition of content marketing, however I also set up a definition in my own words. When you will be around the first half of the post titled What do you mean with content marketing? Lessons from Airbnb and American Expressyou will read this:

[content marketing is] a technique that shows that you (and your organization) are skilled and experts and that helps to reach an increasing number of people in a certain interest niche through the creation or the curation of quality contents who might be helpful and interesting for them. In virtue of this interest this people will become a loyal audience, and they will more easily refer to you when they will have to decide where to buy a certain product related to that interest.

I personally see content marketing as a mix of SEO, quality, information and relationships. And a good chance for writers, because their skills will be very much needed in a present and a future where contents will have to be professionally tailored.

After you have read Transforming audience in customers do not forget to let me know what you think.

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